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    Zenyum Invisible Braces. The clear winner for comfort.

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    ZenyumSonic™ Pro

    ZenyumSonic™ Go

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    Zenyum Waterflosser Pro

    ZenyumFresh™ Floss Picks

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  • Dazzle and Shine

    ZenyumBright™ Invisible

    Whitening Strips

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    ZenyumFresh™ Toothpaste Day!/Night.

    ZenyumFresh™ Breath Shield

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Are Zenyum Invisible Braces safe to use?

Our invisible braces are made of medical-grade, BPA- free and latex-free plastic. We make them under the highest quality control standards so they’re completely safe to use.

I’ve never used a sonic toothbrush before. Will it cause any pain or sensitivity?

ZenyumSonic™ is guaranteed to give you a brushing experience you’ll love! If it’s your first time using a Sonic toothbrush, try starting with the Gentle mode that’s designed to help you get used to fast vibrations.

Will ZenyumSonic™ whiten my teeth?

ZenyumSonic™ comes with a White brushing mode that helps polish your teeth and remove stubborn stains. But it’s important to note that you won’t get a professional whitening effect from a toothbrush.

Is ZenyumSonic™ suitable for kids?

Anyone over 10 years of age can use ZenyumSonic™! But as with any toothbrush, parental supervision is advised to make sure your kid brushes their teeth correctly.

Will my teeth feel sensitive after using whitening toothpastes?

They won't! Our papaya-based whitening enzymes are gentle on your enamel, while sodium fluoride repair and strengthen your teeth to further protect you from sensitivity.